LABRANISCH An InSitu sound installation/performance by L'Appareil, with :
Davide Balula - Stéphane Laporte (Domotic) - Olivier Lamm (O.Lamm)

12" vinyl, limited numbered edition, 500 copies.
Side A : Helium chevalier (Confort edit)
Side B : Château de riz
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"MAC VAL : Nuit des Musées : Inventaire"
600m3 dynamic sculpture (The complete volume of the collection displayed in the Museum )
& Sound Performance
Curator : Frank Lamy // Date : 20-05-2006
Place : MacVal

"Cinema muet en concert"
Sound Performance
Curator : Laurent Garnier // Date : 17-03-2006
Place : Auditorium du Louvre

"Low Fidelity"
Performance & Sound Installation.
Curator : Yann Chevalier
// Date : 04-02-2005 to 03-04-2005 //
Place : Le Confort Moderne - Poitiers, France //

picture of the exhibition
(credits:"Untitled" (The diving-board), ©2005 Davide Balula)
mp3 pop sample (taken from the feb04,2005 LA BRANISCH improvisation live set)
mp3 of the Sound Installation (taken from the feb04,2005 LA BRANISCH improvisation live set)
note : Every little sound of the recordings comes from the Confort Moderne inner space.

"Heavy Bricks, Wall Of Sound and Mobile Home for a Spiral Tiger Device"
Performance & Sound installation.
Le Plateau ( Fond Régional d’Art Contemporain d’Ile-de-France )
in collaboration with Centre Pompidou & Palais De Tokyo
more picture and sounds ...

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Download the BIO.PDF // Booking : Laurence Perrillat // Tech : D.Balula //
Web dev.: Rui Pombal

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