Window Standpoint Series

Description of the Project :

Some artists, all over the globe were asked to share their personal window.
They made a few minutes field recording from their everyday soundscape.
At one geographic point, at one moment,
they catched the sound environment from their window
and made a picture of it.
The main idea is close to one of movement, ubiquity, immobile tourism.

How to share one's very own identity when confronted to other places?
The window, just as the browser's window, becomes the access onto
other dimensions (space, time, sound), and proposes as a new platform.
At that very, fixed, moment, the frozen picture becomes one object of sharing.

We hope you will like this journey.
And if you are the owner of a point of view you would like to share,
please do so and contribute.

The project is still running and a developping one.

Thank you for reading.
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