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A Soundscape Project by l'appareil and guests :
Christof Kurzman, Véronique Joumard, Yusuke Nakamura, Elico Suzuki, Dale Lloyd, Ben Owen, Mike Hallenbeck, Miguel Constantino,
Antonio Contador, Jameen Arellano, Pierpaolo Leo, Lou Pestal, Lola Motelli, Benjamin Ducros, Philippe Petitgenêt,
Guillaume Istace, La Petite Yoyo, Andrea Mangia, Relja Bobic, Vesna Pavlovic, Rui Gato,
Lozi, Tal Hadad, Urbsound, Lisa Milberg, Anthony Magen, Adriano Zanni, Vasily Kuznetov, Anders Östberg,
Ubeboet, Mickael Andrew Doherty, Marissa Tiroly, Greg Davis, Safety Scissors, Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner,
Bryce Beverlin, Howard Salmon, Ben Cambell, Angie Reed Garner, Serena Basso, Roberta Chambers, Jonas Lindgren,
Lawrence English, Santiago Reyes, Michael Noble, Guillaume Eymenier, Koen Wastijn, Marcus Obst,
David Dudry, Steve Roden, Joern Straten, Paco Balbuena & Remedios Ayala, Bill Emory, Scott Langstaff,
Midori Hirano, Corey Fuller, Henrick Riedler, Jan Nowina, Martin Riley, Momus, Neil Scott, Nick Mariette,
Thor Magnusson, Pavel Florentino, Slava Karpuhin, Dr Matyah, Loris Gréaud, Plagasul,
Owen Martell, Corey Fuller, Don S. Murray, June Lee...

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L'appareil, art department, sound music project, performance, art, net art, sexual sound scapes, sexy phonography, with Davide Balula, Stephane Laporte, Domotic, O.Lamm, Laurence Perrillat, Rui Pombal, Lola Motelli, Lou Pestal, Roger Delphine, Ascension Balula, Sao Baud, Ben Owen, Yusuke nakamura, Elico Suzuki, Suzueri, Dale Lloyd, Benjamin Ducros, Stereosupremo, Pierpaolo Leo, Mike Hallenbeck, Jasmin Arrellano, Veronique Joumard, Antonio Contador, Miguel Constantino, Guillaume Istace, Relja Bobic, Vesna Pavlovic, Urbsound, santiago reyes, Tal Hadad, Lisa Milberg, Anthony Magen, vasily Kuznetov, Anders Ostberg, Adriano Zanni, and supports Active Suspension, Jean Charles Baroche, Julien Rohel and Clapping music, Section Amour, Blacknmate, La branisch, ShoboShobo, Minifer, Mehdi Hercberg, Evenement, michael noble,Safety Scissors, Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner, Guillaume Eymenier, Don S Murray, June Lee, The Moore Space ... thanx a million.

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